But to this solemn resolution I came;
I was free, and they should be free also.
— Harriet Tubman

Agents of the Underground Railroad

Release Date: Spring 2024 Genre: Documentary Series, Historical, Inspirational

After the events of the Revolutionary War, another generation of heroes emerged from the pages of American history.

This documentary series traces the stories of ordinary people who played extraordinary roles on the network we now know as the Underground Railroad. From William Still who aided fugitives on the run, to Salmon P. Chase who helped end slavery for all of America; every story of these incredible heroes was filled with purpose, sacrifice, and accomplishment. Follow us on this amazing journey to experience the lives of these American heroes.

Directed By
Joshua Li

Written By
Joshua Li, Jocelyn Li


Levi Coffin

Thomas Garrett

John Rankin

William Still

Laura S. Haviland

Josiah Henson

John Brown

Salmon P. Chase

Harriet Tubman

Fredrick Douglas

Harriet B. Stowe

William H. Seward

Vestal Coffin

Adam Lowry Rankin

Peter Still


Meet Our Team

At Elwin Studios, we create educational content that is fun, factual, and inspiring. We are a team so tight, it’s like we're family…wait, we are! We share the same passion for freedom. Each of us bring different talents and skills to the project. Together, we are making a never-seen-before documentary series on the heroes and heroines of the Underground Railroad.

Jessica Li
Production Coordinator | Researcher

Jessica battled and won over childhood leukemia. She recently graduated from bible college with an undergraduate degree. She is intellectual, gifted in language and super organized. She possesses an incredible memory. She helps with the researching effort on the Underground Railroad. She is leading the research for our next topic: the Civil War. She has a big heart to help people. In her quiet way, she develops deep relationships with her friends and her students from youth groups.

[email protected]
Joshua Li
Director | Cinemetographer

Joshua is mechanically gifted. He obtained formal training in auto-mechanics. But his true passion and gift lies in his ability to tell stories through film. After a year of working as a mechanic, he turned to developing that passion. He took on a year-long journey with Vancouver Film School. Through the year of training, his talent is well recognized by his teachers and peers. Joshua is also gifted in business. Outside of filming, he is a Chief Scout (Eagle Scout), an avid hiker, and outdoorsman.

[email protected]
Jocelyn Li
Writer | Researcher

Jocelyn is a super relator. She is gifted in language and the ability to consume large amounts of material in a relatively short time. She is passionate about stories and American history. Two years ago, she started researching and writing on the Underground Railroad. During this time, she has read over 50 books on the topic. She wrote the first drafts of two Underground Railroad historical novels. Her extensive research and notes can be compiled into an excellent textbook. She is learning Spanish in her past time.

[email protected]
Joseph Li
Media | Marketing

Joseph is gifted with an artistic eye and has been drawn to colors and visual arts since he was very young. He completed a diploma in digital design and development. He developed a small video game for a competition and gained great experience and feedback. He is methodical and thoughtful. He enjoys helping with various creative and technical tasks: website-development, youtube, marketing, logo design and branding, computer upgrade, etc. He has great ambition to be great in all that he does.

[email protected]
John Li
Production Crew

John is a super helper. He overcame a year-long battle over a fungal infection and a blood disease that almost took his life when he was only eight. Along with his competitive nature, he tirelessly analyzes any board games he plays to figure out the best path to win. He will play the important supportive role as production crew. John is an avid archer. His dream is to represent the USA in the Olympic archery competition.

[email protected]
Jeremy Li
Public Relations | Broadcasting

Jeremy is finishing his first year in Journalism School. He is gifted in language and has a bright mind. His passion is to communicate and bring the truth to light. He has a heart for protecting freedom in America. Even though he is the youngest, he often is the one to speak up for what is right. He is the face of the Elwin Studios YouTube Channel and will be the voice and interviewer for the documentary. In preparation for a future project, he will take part in the research of the American Constitution.

[email protected]

About Our Trip

June - August 2023

We’re taking our curiosity across America, following the lives of Underground Railroad Operators. The places they lived. The people they met. The reasons for their burning desire to act on their convictions. We will walk where they walked, eat where they ate, and talk to the modern experts of these: The Agents of the Underground Railroad.

Check out the Elwin Studios Youtube channel below where we’ll be posting the behind-the-scenes footage of our tour.

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